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April 29, 2008

In Transition Part 4 or House Hunting Trip Wrap Up

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Saturday, we celebrated our success of finding housing by taking a trip to the St. Louis Zoo .  The first thing about the Zoo that we discovered was that it is FREE to get in.  You still need to pay $10.00 per vehicle for parking, but still, FREE Zoo!  Once in the Zoo, of course certain attractions of the Zoo cost money.  For example, you can purchase a ticket to ride the train that makes trips around the Zoo for $5.  Want to Ride the Carousel?  $3 please.  We liked the idea of the pay-as-you-want theme of the Zoo.  My personal favorite part of the Zoo was the outdoor/indoor Penguin exhibit.  The inside portion was kept at a frosty 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  (Note: I am really, really comfortable in 68 degree server rooms as well.)  After the Zoo we had a nice relaxing dinner.  For “coffee” met with the Recruiter that found me for the position in the St. Louis area.  We had a nice conversation, and it was good to finally match a person to the voice.

Sunday was a travel day for us; back to Orlando, Florida.  The saddest part was having to give back the GPS unit, who my Fiancee named “Garmina” (We had the unit speaking in the female voice.).  Our flight back was uneventful.  We stopped for a lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Orlando, Little Saigon Restaurant. Sadly it will be the last time we eat there for a long while.


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